New Patient Emergency Consultation (excluding treatment cost)£75.00
New Patient Adult£60.00
Existing Patient£45.00
New Patient Child (Under 16)£30.00
Existing Patient (Under 16)£25.00
Student (16-21)£30.00


Small x-rays£13.00 each

Preventative & Periodental Care

Hygienist Sessions 60 mins EXTENSIVE£125.00
Hygienist Sessions 45 mins ROUTINE£78.00
Hygienist Sessions 30 mins EXPRESS£55.00
Fissure Sealant Per Tooth ADULT£40.00
Fissure Sealant Per Tooth CHILD£25.00
Plus Air Flow (Add £25.00)£95.00
Sports Guards Children from £120.00
Sports Guards Adult (from)from £180.00
Grinding & Clenching Protectors (Soft)£120.00
Grinding & Clenching Protectors (Hard)£280.00
Hard Acrylic Bite Raising Appliance (Michigan/Tanner)£500.00
Anti-Snoring Device£500.00

Composite Restorations

Small from £90.00
MediumFrom £110.00
Large From £175.00
Direct Composite CrownFrom £250.00
Baby Teeth From £55.00
Crowns (Porcelain Bonded to Metal))From £600.00
All CeramicFrom £650.00
Inlay OnlaysFrom £450.00
Bridges Maryland (2/3 units)From £1000.00
Bridges Conventional (per unit)From £600.00
Veneers From £600.00
Core for crowns£125.00

Root Canal Therapy

MolarsFrom £600.00
PremolarsFrom £495.00
RE-TreatmentFrom + £100.00


Full Acrylic (Upper & Lower)From £950.00
Full (Upper or Lower)From £595.00
Partial (Upper or Lower)From £650.00
Chrome CobaltFrom £950.00
Addition 1 Tooth£125.00
Addition second tooth£75.00
RelineFrom £220.00
Repairs From £125.00

Tooth Whitening

Internal Whitening per tooth (3 visits)£220.00
Home Kit £350.00
In Surgery £450.00
Ultimate (combined) £550.00
SPECIAL OFFER! June - September 2018£100 off each

Other Services

Extractions (Simple)From £85.00
Extractions (Surgical Simple)From £175.00
Extractions (Surgical Complex)From £250.00
Re-cement Crown From £95.00
Re-cement Veneer From £130.00
Provisional Crown £150.00
Post & Core £150.00


Cosmetic Makeovers: Quoted per individual case

We are happy to discuss the best options with you and will ensure you get best care and appropriate treatment to keep you smiling.

Revised May 2017